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Автор: GF

Дата: 25.06.08, @21:15

  New Firmware for both ISTAR MINI HDMI 1.1 and 1.3

Firmware Version: 50-17-080612-15-QPG-402-000 For HDMI 1.1

Firmware Version: 50-17-080612-15-QPG-403-000 For HDMI 1.3

Release date: June 24th 2008

Release note:

1. HDD automatic spindown after 5 minute
2. BT monitor moved out of HDD to prevent accesses to HDD.
3. Fixed MPEG1 audio wrongly described as MP1, MPEG2 audio as MP2
4. Fixed photo unable to rotate issue
5. Fixed 1st photo cannot display from Flickr
6. Fixed Browser no longer runs after long idle
7. Turn off analog video output when in HDMI
8. Browser fixes
- fixed myiHomeLite hangs when certain filename listed
- improved memory clearing, reduce time from 390ms to few milliseconds
- fixed bug where links with #xxx does not work when page is with OnLoad
- added image changing and on-the-fly loading feature
- added menu frames for file operation UI
- fixed problem changing TV mode when URL prompt is turned on
- fixed focus/unfocus not working when browser frame does not start at (0,0) location
- all page loading and refresh request disabled when screensaver is on.
9. Subtitle
- increased subtitle font size to 32 max, swiched to cleaner method
- subitle time adjust now from -1000sec to +1000sec
- fixed subtitle no aligned to center under certain conditions
- fixed subtitle On/Off not persistent when in playlist
10. Added VC1 in MKV support (no TimeSeek for this yet)
11. Fixed MKV audio sync latency after TimeSeek
12. Able to set system password to None now, just leave it blank
13. Added OSD message when USB keyboard inserted/removed
14. Fixed 1-bit PNG rendering
15. PCI SATA driver support added
16. Fixed after photo rotation failed, slideshow paused
17. BT
- recover schedule database after system reboot
- added reset schedule function
- fixed sometimes unable to delete BT schedule
18. Fixed aspect ratio issue for 4:3 TV mode (16:9 TV mode not affected)
19. WiFi driver
- Atheros USB 11n driver added (only non-secure mode)
- known issue: auto-scan does not work yet, need to connect manually
- Metalink PCI wifi driver updated to v2.3.0.31, able to achieve 40+Mbps streaming in open mode, encryption mode lower performance
- known issue: NFS video playback performance drop significantly with read optimisation
- Ralink PCI wifi driver (new driver v1.1.7.0), able to achieve 40+Mbps streaming in all modes
20. UPnP
- Marquee tweaks and color customisation
- fixed for TVersity playback issue
- improved crash handling
21. Network share
- Share out removable storage (e.g. USB drives) through SMB/NFS server
- Reset UDN when restore factory settings
- Removes all network shares after restore factory settings
22. Turn off SPDIF out when exit playback
23. Fixed character 'j' wrong horizontal position when rendering
24. Fixed login page wrong SD/HD server icon
25. Skinnability for browser UI
- Internal test only, will be beta/public after further mods
- added customisable color for fonts
26. Splashscreen flickering issue fixed
27. Included traditional Chinese, Russia, and Hebrew in language selection
28. Added TV Mode 1360x768 60Hz

NMT Apps Version :00-17-080529-15-QPG-402/403(For HDMI 1.3)

Release Note :

1.Minimum firmware version to use this NMT App is 50-17-080612-15-QPG-402-000 (or 403 for HDMI 1.3)

2. Share out USB / HARD DISK through SMB / NFS server

3. Blank password supported for FTP and SMB server

4. Support SATA drive with NMT partition

5. Fixed setup page start/stop torrent button disabled after stop

6. Fixed BT crash bug

7. Fixed upload cap for BT client reverting to 0

8. Fixed Samba auto login delay

How to change the "skins" of your NMT UI:

1. Obtain _theme_.zip from release package

2. Unzip and modify existing graphics as you wish, but maintain the dimension and filename

3. Modify .config file in root of _theme_ folder to change the colors of the text, color attributes is same as in HTML, e.g. RRGGBB, #RRGGBB, "green", "white-alpha", "black"

4. Copy entire _theme_ folder to the NMT harddisk's Photo folder

5. Reboot (Power + Eject) and new theme will be loaded

Note: Screensaver images ssvr1.jpg ~ ssvr4.jpg must be less than 20Kbytes, due to current limitation.

Recovery after firmware upgrade failure:

a.unzip recovery_*.zip to root of U-drive (recovery_080612-15-QPG-402 for HDMI 1.1 unit, and recovery_080612-15-QPG-403 for HDMI 1.3 unit)

b.Connect U drive to ISTAR MINI

c.Connect ISTAR MINI to your display via Composit or Component

d.Turn on ISTAR MINI

e.During the recovery process

- Red: Begin to recover
- White dot in Red background: Recovering
- Yellow: Recover is failed.
- White: Recover is successful

f.Restart the unit if you see Yellow or White.

g.If you couldn't connect ISTAR MINI to any display or TVЈ¬Please restart the unit 15-20 minutes after you turn on ISTAR MINI because the recovery process usually takes 10-15 minutes.

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